Architecture Pop-up Lab Exchange Project Consortium (APLE) Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education

Arhitektonski fakultet UNSA | Projekat: Architecture Pop-up Lab Exchange (APLE)

Project: Architecture Pop-up Lab Exchange (APLE)                                             

Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education 

Duration of the Project: 36 months

Start date: 01.04.2023.


Project Participants:

Western Balkans:  University of Sarajevu - Coordinator, University of Montenegro, University of Banja Luka, University of Mostar


EU Partners: University of Zagreb, Sapienza University of Rome, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim


The Project led by the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo was created with the aim of mediating between the challenges of contemporary architectural education and the dynamic changes and needs of the labor market, and generally aims to create a positive synergistic relationship between education, businesses, governmental and NGO sectors. The implementation of the Project will be carried out with the involvement of academic staff and students through studies (larger courses with multiple components/fields), workshops with partners, Pop-up laboratories - improvement of digital skills. New generations of architects will benefit from this initiative through increased competitiveness on the labor market, the real sector will have access to interested and talented students. Teachers will have opportunities to improve teaching and scientific research work through cooperation and improved technical equipment. Regional and EU partners will transfer best practices and examples of cooperation, so that the implementation will be based on the significant experience of the partners in the project, - of course with the specifics of each University.


The project consists of three basic components:

1. Upgrade in the educational process + internationalization and regional cooperation

2. Proactive approach to the private and public sector, practical work, and internships for students through design offices, contractors, material suppliers/producers, construction industry, and governmental and non-governmental institutions.

3. Technical equipment of the faculty (for all involved WB countries) and upgrading of teaching and research made possible by Pop-up Laboratories that upgrade students' skills, which consists of Core Labs (laboratory space and workshop - model room, modeling, 3D printing), Virtual Labs (online databases of projects and networking of actors) and Temporary Labs (temporary laboratories at locations).


Innovative character of Architecture Pop-up Lab Exchange APLE Project reflects through: 


(1) Creation and implementation of innovative and experimental forms of teaching architecture (based on practice, encouragement of entrepreneurship and cooperation with the broader social community), which are integrated into the existing curricula of architectural study programs of both study cycles at the partner universities of B&H and MNE. Therefore, APLE project represents the platform for education of professionals which are facing the changing societal and professional realities by transgressing from teaching to understanding, producing and applying knowledge.


(2) Creating a specific methodology - trans disciplinary approach (establishing relationships between higher education institutions, the economic sector and the wider social community through the definition and development of procedures, instruments and tools), enabling them to interact.


(3) Establishment of an institutional specific connection platforms - Pop-up Lab will be used for experimenting with real life case studies, generating innovative, trans-disciplinary and comprehensive knowledge, joining areas of collaboration, entrepreneurship and integrated planning and design.


Currently, curriculums at HEIs are mostly oriented to theoretical framework, that is not fully immersed into needs of real sector and ever-changing societal needs. New needs demand new, adaptive tangible and intangible capacities. Our HEIs need real-life-experiments, with real-life-pioneers, and a longer period of trials and making mistakes, with a systematic democratic evaluation. By doing this, architectural studies form part of everyday life of the community, create mutual social relations, increase knowledge about profession and awareness about values. The Project will improve critical thinking and positive proactivity in Higher Education. 


Architect Pop-up Laboratory Exchange (APLE) project aims to address these issues and thrives to re-establish the integrity of architectural education and profession, embracing transdisciplinary nature of the profession. Responsibility of architects to build environment and society is incredibly significant, therefore new learning and teaching tools, anagogical approaches and methodologies created through teaching, technology, and practical experience will create better learning outcomes and new skills for future architects.


During the first months, work was done on the preparatory phase where the administrative segments of the project were completed, the Grant Agreement was signed with UNSA AFS as the coordinator, and contracts with all partners. The tender for a modern model-making space, which consists of the use of classic materials and tools, as well as a digital one for 3d modeling, printing, laser cutters, etc., is currently being announced.




Arhitektonski fakultet UNSA | Projekat: Architecture Pop-up Lab Exchange (APLE)
Arhitektonski fakultet UNSA | Projekat: Architecture Pop-up Lab Exchange (APLE)