Istraživanje i saradnja

Publishing Activities

The University of Sarajevo has been printing and publishing textbooks, manuals and other publications required for teaching since 1957. This activity is primarily aimed at the realization of publishing activities for all teaching cycles, all forms of the teaching process and all forms of scientific, research, artistic and professional work, and it coordinates the process of publication of manuscripts from the request to the preparation for printing.

The University publication planning is in compliance with relevant legislation and requirements for University editions. This is an on-going activity, with project proposals, analysis, monitoring the publishing industry, counselling and support.
Since 2003, the University of Sarajevo has had its Publishing Council, an expert and advisory body of the University, through which the University Senate approves the issuance of university editions (textbooks, scientific books, monographs, practices, manuals and assemblies). Compulsory copies of university editions are submitted to the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina (in accordance with the Law on Library Activity (Official Gazette of RBiH, No. 37/95). The National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the central library whose primary task is to collect, processes, preserve and lend the library materials.

In order to achieve the research mission of the University, access to the latest scientific information in the field of science and research, the planning of scientific research work based on evidence and the carrying out of evaluation of research programs are of crucial importance. In order to enable timely access to quality scientific and technical information, subscriptions to citation and aggregate databases have been provided, enabling the community of teachers, researchers, students and associates of the University of Sarajevo to access the latest current production of scientific journals and books (monographic publications), as well as citation bases that allow for monitoring the emergence of new research. Aggregate full-text databases provide access to complete editions of journals and books.