O Univerzitetu


The Senate is the highest academic body of the University responsible for taking decisions on all academic issues. The Senate is chaired by the Rector of the University.

It, inter alia, decides on all academic issues, particularly on matters pertaining to the University's teaching, scientific, artistic and professional activities. It monitors the University's development from the standpoint of fulfilling teaching, artistic, pedagogical, scientific, research and professional activities, introduces curricula and programmes for all three study cycles and monitors their application. The Senate decides on academic issues at the proposal of the appropriate Science-Arts Group’s Council, as well as other University bodies and the Students’ Parliament.


Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj

Prof. Dr. Dženana Husremović

Prof. Dr. Mirza Dautbašić

Prof. Dr. Enita Nakaš

Prof. Dr. Dušanka Bošković

Prof. Dr. Tamara Karača Beljak

Prof. Dr. Tarik Zaimović

Student Vice-Rector                                   
Hamdo Solo

Academy of Fine Arts
Prof. dr. Dubravka Pozderac-Lejlić

Academy of Performing Arts 
Prof. Mr. Faruk Lončarević
Faculty of Architecture                                                
Prof. Dr. Erdin Salihović

Faculty of Economics 
Prof. Dr. Meliha Bašić

Faculty of Electrical Engineering 
Prof. Dr. Jasmin Velagić

Faculty of Islamic Sciences                                         
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Hasani

Faculty of Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies
Prof. Dr. Jasmin Ahić

Faculty of Political Sciences                                          
Prof. Dr. Sead Turčalo

Faculty of Sports and Physical Education                           
Prof. Dr. Ifet Mahmutović

Faculty of Traffic and Communications                   
Prof. Dr. Amel Kosovac

Faculty of Health Studies                                  
Prof. Dr. Arzija Pašalić

Faculty of Pharmacy                                               
Prof. Dr. Fahir Bečić

Faculty of Philosophy 
Prof. Dr. Kenan Šljivo              

Faculty of Civil Engineering                                                 
Prof. Dr. Samir Dolarević

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering                                                       
Prof. Dr. Haris Lulić

Faculty of Medicine                                       
Prof. Dr. Amina Valjevac

Musical Academy                                       
Prof. Mr. Ališer Sijarić

Faculty of Pedagogy    
Prof. Dr. Daniel Maleč

Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences                  
Prof. Dr. Muhamed Brka

Faculty of Law                                                           
Prof. Dr. Zinka Grbo

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics                                 
Prof. Dr. Nusret Drešković

Faculty of Dentistry with Dental Clinical Centre
Prof. Dr. Muhamed Ajanović

Faculty of Forestry                                                      
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Lojo

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 
Prof. Dr. Muhamed Smajlović

Faculty of Administration                                     
Prof. Dr. Emir Tahirović

Faculty of Catholic Theology 
Prof. Dr. Mario Bernadić

Dr. Adaleta Durmić-Pašić

Oriental Studies Institute                                     
Dr. Aladin Husić

Institute for Research of Crimes against Humanity and International Law         
Dr. Rasim Muratović

Institute for History                                                   
Dr. Sedad Bešlija

Institute for Linguistics
Dr. Jasmin Hodžić

University of Sarajevo Students' Parliament

Imran Pašalić, president
Rijad Crvenjak
Ali Jusović
Almedin Sinanović
Ema Huseinčehajić
Ahmed Parić
Josipa Bošnjak