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The Survey Journal

SURVEY: Journal for Social Issues 

SURVEY: Journal for Social Issues is the second oldest journal in Bosnia (the publication started in in 1910) after the National Museum Gazette, and is one of the oldest journals for social critique and theory in the former Yugoslavia. As a journal, the Survey survived two World Wars, after which it was always restarted, so it survived the 1992-1995 aggression against BiH. As a university journal, Survey was renewed in 2003.

In 2010, the University of Sarajevo and the Editorial Board celebrated the 100th anniversary of Survey (Journal for Science and Social Life) with a special edition, whose tradition is today continued by the Survey: Journal for Social Issues.
The magazine is published quarterly, and since 2008 it has its own international edition in English - Survey, which is widely accepted in the international academic community. In addition, the Survey is indexed in three international databases and has its own website

In this journal, all research scientists and associates can outline their work results and their research findings, especially the young academic community members at our University who do not have a large selection of journals for publishing their scientific papers, which is one of the most important criteria for professional advancement.

By promoting the work of researchers and scholars in the field of social science and the humanities, the Survey has a critical and theoretical approach to the topics of contemporary social, economic, social and political processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and the world. The journal provides the opportunity for the scientific, literary, cultural, social and economic public to present the BiH, European cultural and historical trends and their contradictions. In that context, Survey is a journal that fosters critical-theoretical approach to topics in the field of social development and which monitors and affirms research, especially those related to the integration of BH society into the European Union.