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Networks and Associations

International networks and associations

Networks and associations usually represent a consortium of higher education institutions to establish cooperation and capacity building through organising various events and initiating projects. Membership in international networks and associations strengthens European and global research institutions and contributes to developing the institution's international profile. Also, by joining such networks and associations, the institution gains access to various funds and opportunities for launching projects and organising seminars, conferences, congresses and the like. Some networks are the product of international commitments signed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (e.g. Declaration in Ravenna - UniADRION, Union for the Mediterranean - EMUNI, etc.).

How to become a member?

The initiative to join the network can come from the representative of the network (the current chairman), a member of the network/association, or the interest can come from an institution that wants to become a member. The management of that institution can give a proposal for joining one of the networks or associations. At the same time, the final decision is made by the Senate (in the case of the University of Sarajevo). For membership in most international networks and associations, it is necessary to pay a membership fee defined by that network or association.

International networks and associations of the University of Sarajevo

The University of Sarajevo is a member of the following networks and associations:

Alpe Adria Rector's ConferenceAARC
Adriatic Linked UniversitiesALUm
Agence universitaire de la FrancophonieAUF
Balkan Universities AssociationBUA
Konzorcij mediteranskih i afričkih univerzitetaCUAM
Danube Rectors' ConferenceDRC
Euromediteranski univerzitetEMUNI
Europšean University AssociationEUA
Global University Network for innovationGUNi
Inter University Centre DubrovnikIUC Dubrovnik
Santander Group Universities in EuropeSGroup
Association of Universities of the Adriatic-Ionian RegionUniadrion
Network of Universities from the Capitals of EuropeUNICA