Istraživanje i saradnja


The UNSA member institutions - Faculties, Academies and Institutes including laboratories and centers are organized in the following way:

Technical Sciences Group

Faculty of   Civil Engineering

Institute for Materials and Structures;
Institute for Geotechnics and Geology;
Institute of Hydrotechnics;
Institute for Roads And
Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Faculty of    Electrical Engineering

Laboratory for Electrical Machines
Laboratory for Software Engineering
Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics
Laboratory for Computer Networks
Laboratory for Computer Systems
Laboratory for Electrical Measurements,
Laboratory for Robotics,
Laboratory for Process Automation and Distributed Management,
Laboratory for Electronics,
Laboratory for Automation,
Signal Processing and Robotics,
Laboratory for Radio Communications,
Laboratory for Iot and M2m Communication Architectures and Protocols,
Laboratory for Digital Forensics.

Faculty of Architecture

Institute for Architecture and Urbanism
Laboratory for Building Physics
Computer Center

Humanities Group 

Faculty of Sports and Physical Education

Institute for Sports

Faculty of Philosophy

Psychological Laboratory
Center for Scientific Research and Expert Activities (NIRSA Center)
Center for Continuing Academic Improvement and Lifelong Learning within the Center for Scientific Research and Professional Activities (NIRSA Center)
Center for Psychological Research
Center for Psychological Research, Education and Counseling (CPIES) within the Center for Scientific Research and Professional Activities (NIRSA Center)
Center for Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Language within the Center for Scientific Research and Professional Activities (NIRSA Center)
Center for Provision of Professional Translation Services, Interpretations and Proof reading Within the Center for Scientific Research and Professional Activities (NIRSA Center)
Center for Modern Languages
Scientific Research Incubator - ZINK

Institute for Archeology within the Center for Scientific Research and Professional Activities (NIRSA Center)
Institute for Literary Research within the Center for Scientific Research and Professional Activities (NIRSA Center)
Institute for Literature
Institute for Linguistic Research within the Center for Scientific Research and Professional Activities (NIRSA Center)
Institute for Psychological Research within the Center for Scientific Research and Professional Activities (NIRSA Center)
Office for Providing Support to Students with Special Needs at the University of Sarajevo

Faculty of Catholic Theology

Institute for Theology and Catechesis in Mostar

Language Institute

Standard Language Unit
Department of   Language History
Department of   Dialectology
Department of   Lexicography

Institute for Oriental Studies

Historical Department
Department for Philology 
Department for Oriental-Islamic Culture and Middle Eastern Studies

Social Sciences Group 

Faculty of    Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies

Laboratory for Forensics
Institute for Scientific Research Activities at the Faculty of    Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies - "Criminal East"

Faculty of    Law

Criminological Institute
Institute for Human Rights
General Seminar for Civil Law
Seminar on Legal History and Comparative Law

Faculty of    Economics

Center for International Cooperation
Center for Management and Information Technologies (MIT Center)
E- Net Center
Center for Teacher Education Development
Center for Career Development Students
Center for Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management
Center for Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance
Center for Business Law
Library Information Center
Economic Institute

Faculty of    Political Sciences

CESI - Center for Studies on Refugees and Displaced Persons
Center for Public Policy of the University of Sarajevo
Institute for Social Research, Faculty of    Political Science

Medical Sciences Group

Faculty of    Medicine

Laboratory for Pathological and Pathohistological Diagnostics

Laboratory for Immunohistochemistry

Laboratory for Microbiology and Parasitology

Laboratory for Cytogenetics

Laboratory for Molecular Medicine

Center for Human Genetics

Center for Continuous Medical Education

Institute for Morphological Neues and Genetics

Institute for Physiological Sciences and Biochemistry

Institute for Pharmacology, Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology

Institute of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Institute for Forensic Medicine and Forensic Toxicology

Dental Faculty with Clinics

Clinic for Dental Pathology and Endodontics;

Clinic for Children and Preventive Dentistry;

Clinic for Orthopedic Disciplines;

Orthodontics Clinic;

Clinic for Oral Medicine and Periodontology;

Dental Prosthetics Clinic.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy Educational Center

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Laboratory for Toxicological Analysis
Laboratory for Bacteriology and Mycology
Laboratory for Parasitology
Laboratory for TSE
Department of Aquaculture
Department of Beekeeping
Laboratory for Epidemiology and Economics and Analysis
Laboratory for Pathology
Laboratory for Virology and Serology
Laboratory for Animal Feed Analysis
Laboratory for Testing Chemical and Biological Residues and Foodstuff Quality
Laboratory for Microbiological Foodstuffs, Fodder and General Use Testing
Laboratory for Radioactivity Control
Laboratory for Poultry and Rabbits Bacterial Diseases Diagnostics
Laboratory for Poultry and Rabbits Viral Diagnostics
Laboratory for Andrology and Gynecology
Laboratory for Mastitis
Genetics Laboratory
Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory
Department of   Morphology
Department of   Epizootiology
Institute of Zootechnics and Poultry
Institute for Food Hygiene Control and Environmental Protection
Center for Control and Drugs Testing and Toxicological Analysis
Center for Animal Health Control
Center for Foodstuffs, Animal Feed Control and Environmental Protection
Center for Poultry and Rabbits
Center for Reproduction and Genetics
Institute for Veterinary Medicine, University of Sarajevo
UNSA Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Clinic 

Natural, Mathematical and Biotechnical Sciences Group

Faculty of    Forestry
Laboratory for Forest Seeding
Laboratory for Phytopathology and Entomology
Laboratory for Molecular Research
Laboratory for Physiology, Pedology and Chemistry
Institute of Forestry

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 
Laboratory for Endemic Resources Research and Protection 
Physical Practicum
Practical Methodology of Physics Teaching
Laboratory for Metal Physics
Laboratory for Semiconductors
Higher Physical Practitioner
Laboratory for Electronics
Laboratory for Water and Air
Laboratory for Metals
Laboratory for Inorganic and Bioorganic Chemistry
Laboratory for Natural Products
Center for Ecology and Natural Resources - Academician Sulejman Redžić
Center for Ichthyology and Fisheries
GIS Center
Institute for Regional and Spatial Planning
Mineralogical-Petrographic Collection
Computer Center

Faculty of   Agriculture and Food Sciences operates at the Institute for Field Crops, Vegetable and Fodder Plants:
Laboratory for Field Crops, Vegetable and Fodder Plants
Laboratory for Agricultural Botany and Plant Physiology
At The Institute for Zootechnics They Work:
Laboratory for Animal Husbandry and Breeding
Laboratory for Animal Food and Nutrition 
Laboratory for Ethnology of Domestic Animals
Laboratory for Molecular and Conservation Genetics 
Laboratory for Aquaculture and Fisheries
Laboratory for Zoology and Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
At The Institute for Fruit Growing, Viticulture and Horticulture, They Work:
Laboratory for Fruit Growing, Viticulture and Horticulture
Laboratory for Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology
At the Institute for Plant Protection, They Work:
Plant Protection Laboratory 
Laboratory for Microbiology
The Institute for Applied Chemistry, Pedology, Plant Nutrition And Melioration Operates As Follows:
Laboratory for Pedology, Reclamation
Laboratory for Plant Nutrition and Fertilization
Laboratory for Chemistry and Biochemistry
At the Institute for Agricultural and Food Industry Economics:
Laboratory for Informatics and Statistics
At The Institute for Food Technology, They Work:
Laboratory for Dairy Industry
Technological Laboratory for MRJGI
Laboratory for Boiling Technology
Laboratory for Food Technology
Laboratory for Honey and Bee Products Technology
At the Institute for Agricultural Engineering, They Operate:
Laboratory for Agricultural Machinery

Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
Laboratory for Cytogenetics and Genotoxicology
Laboratory for Forensic Genetics
Laboratory for GMOS and Food Biosecurity
Laboratory for Human Genetics
Laboratory for Molecular Natural Resources Genetics
Center for Genomics

Arts Group
Academy of Fine Arts

Academy of Performing Arts
Obala Open Scene 

Music Academy
Center for Music Education
Institute for Musicology
Service for Music Academy’s Faculty Career Support and Development