Published PAVE research report on cumulative extremism in the Western Balkans

Objavljen PAVE istraživački izvještaj o kumulativnim ekstremizmima na Zapadnom Balkanu

The report on cumulative extremism in the Western Balkans includes findings from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia and Kosovo. The report was written by professors and associates of the University of Sarajevo.

Here, “cumulative extremism”, one of the key innovative theoretical concepts of the PAVE project, is tested against the empirical reality in the Western Balkans, showing how the legacy of the wars of the 1990s materializes in widely institutionalized ethnic segregation. Incompatible narratives about the past are manifested in the polarization of opinion and antagonistic extremist ideologies that feed on self-victimization, as well as the exclusion and distancing of "others". At the same time, prospects for resistance to radicalization exist in the implementation of the effective work of civil society organizations, improved education and the positive role of religious leaders.

1What is the PAVE project?

EU research project PAVE (Preventing and Addressing Violent Extremism through Community Resilience) aims to address the global issue of radicalization by examining root causes and driving factors.