International week at the Music Academy

Internacionalna sedmica na Muzičkoj akademiji
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The UNSA Music Academy and Concert Season 2017/2018 in the first week of March (5-9 March), organize an educational program for students of the Music Academy, which is realized within Erasmus + program and other projects, in order to promote the University of Sarajevo and students on the international scene.

Through a series of solo singing, harpsichord, piano, bassoon, trombone and accordion workshops, students will have a unique opportunity to work with eminent artists and professors from Spain, Denmark and Singapore: Beatriz Riobó, Teresa Novoa, Maria del Mar Blanco Moreno, Arabel Motráguez, Oscar Araujo, Jesús Vicente Monzó, Geir Draugsvoll, Boris Kraljević.

In addition to workshops, special attention should be paid to lectures by Clarinetist Esteban Valverde Corrales and Accordionist Geir Draugsvoll, which will be held at the Small Hall of the Academy of Music. The aforementioned artists will present themselves at two concerts at the Bosniak Institute - Adil Zulfikarpašić Foundation (Tuesday, 6 March, 19.30) and the Sarajevo Music Secondary School (Wednesday, 7 March  19.30).

Internacionalna sedmica na Muzičkoj akademiji

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