Opening of the 1st Regional Center of Excellence for Evaluation and Research of the UNSA Faculty of Economics with the support of USAID in BiH

Ekonomski fakultet

The opening ceremony of the Center of Excellence for Evaluation and Policy Research at the UNSA Faculty of Economics (EFSA) will be organized on Wednesday, 11 October 2023 at 13:00, in the Faculty premises.


The event will be opened by Prof. Dr. Jasmina Selimović, Dean; Courtney Chubb, director of the USAID/BiH Mission and Nermin Nikšić, Prime Minister FBiH.


The Center was established within the PEER project supported by the USAID Mission in our country with the aim of encouraging the policy-based policies and the actual needs of all actors in society directly contributing to greater responsibilities of public office holders, but also greater transparency and corruption.


The establishment of the Center as a regional hub of excellence in politics evaluation will be provided by BH institutions that using local experts to reach the best solutions in achieving sustainable development of the country, and its approximation of EU and Euro-Atlantic integration. This will greatly contribute to the return of public confidence in the work of institutions.


Also, at the ceremony itself, the results of the largest study about BH will be presented. Companies in our country, giving concrete recommendations for formulating policies and programs aimed at improving the quality of domestic companies, but also the quality of life of BiH citizens themselves.


This event has special significance as gathering government officials, representatives of the international community, business leaders and members of the academic community to engage in the dialogue on current issues and challenges that currently faces BiH. society.