The awarding of diplomas for graduates, masters and doctoral students of the UNSA Faculties of Law and Medicine endangered!

2 December 1949 will remain permanently recorded as one of the most important dates in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now, 72 years ago, the first university in our homeland was founded on that day. The establishment of the University of Sarajevo marked a turning point in the economic, social and cultural development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a huge progress of civilization in relation to the situation that was characteristic of that time. The devastated country that emerged from World War II had only 1,000 highly educated cadres, while nearly 80 percent of its population was illiterate. The beginning of the work of the University of Sarajevo brought with it a new approach to scientific processes that fundamentally changed the understanding of the problems of life and work as well as the development of all the potentials of Bosnian society. In a very short time, at faculties, academies and scientific institutes, works of lasting value were created that changed the paradigm of Bosnian society. Thanks to the scientific research work of the University of Sarajevo in a very short time interval, top engineers, doctors, professors and artists were trained, whose work and activities in some segments exceeded the then European and world standards. This is confirmed by the fact that our industry was able to produce the most sophisticated industrial components with its own capacities, such as parts for NASA spacecraft and separators for nuclear power plants.


After numerous temptations that the University of Sarajevo went through its existence together with its city and its country, such as various reforms, changes in socio-political order, war events during the aggression and many other challenges, today it is again the main generator of our development. society. We are celebrating our 72nd birthday in full swing of integration processes that will enable coordinated steps in creating an inspiring and attractive environment for learning, research and artistic work, thus achieving our basic mission, which is prosperity and progress of society.


Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj, University of Sarajevo Rector:


The future of the University of Sarajevo as a systemically important and complex institution whose mission is to educate quality and creative leaders of tomorrow who are able to respond to all the challenges of their time, must be based on a common vision of all its members.


As part of the celebration of the 72nd University of Sarajevo’s Anniversary, it is planned to hold a series of events that will be held during the solemn December days of the University:


  • 16 December - Promotion of Doctors of Science and Arts (National Theater Sarajevo)
  • 18 December - Ceremonial promotion BA and MA University of Sarajevo graduates (Bosnian Cultural Center)
  • 22 December - Promotion of Professor Emeritus and Ceremonial University of Sarajevo Senate Session.


The UNSA Academy of Music will also hold a series of concerts in the coming period:


  • 2 December 2021 - Concert in memory of Professor David Kamhi
  • 4 December  2021 - Jure Cerkovnik, guitar (ZHdK Zurich)
  • 6 December  2021 - Alex Mateescu, violin; Dženana Hadžić, piano (MAS)
  • 9 December  2021 - Zlatan Božuta, piano (MAS); Robert Homen, conductor (Zagreb), Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 14 December 2021 - Admir Vračo, trumpet (MAS)
  • 17 December 2021 - Piano student concert of FMU Belgrade
  • 21 December  2021 - Alma Dizdar, violin (MAS), Nadir Hošić, piano (MAS/MUSE)



However, despite the festive occasions and the work invested in their organization, we are seriously concerned because this year the awarding of diplomas for graduates, masters and doctoral students of two faculties of the University of Sarajevo: the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine is endangered.


The reason for that is the impossibility of depositing the signature before the competent court of the newly elected Dean of the Faculty of Law and the acting dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Namely, the Municipal Court in Sarajevo, Department of the Registry for Registration of Legal Entities has not registered the newly elected authorized persons of these two faculties, due to appeals filed by certain organizational units of UNSA (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Transport and Communications, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty of Agriculture and Food) to the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo on the decisions of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo on the status change (legal integration) of the University.


The University of Sarajevo has been informed by the competent Department of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo that the data will not be changed and signatures will not be deposited until the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo decides on the mentioned appeals.


The findings of the University show that the appeals of the organizational units were entrusted to a panel of three judges, who ultimately must decide on all appeals at the same time, because the cases are related, but due to the delay in the proceedings by certain judges, the University to this day does not know the outcome of that decision.


In addition to all urgencies sent to the competent courts by the University of Sarajevo, the UNSA Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine, to enroll the newly elected deans and acting deans in the Register of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo, i.e. to decide as a matter of priority on the appeals of organizational units, to date has not resulted in resolving this problem.


There is not much time left until the promotion of graduates, masters and doctoral students, so the University of Sarajevo appeals that these processes must be unlocked. Otherwise, the University will be forced, together with students who do not receive diplomas, to use all legal mechanisms before the competent institutions in order to solve this problem.


We emphasize that the possibility of postponing the Ceremonial Promotion of Graduates and Masters and the Promotion of Doctors of Science and Arts in 2021 and initiating certain proceedings before the competent institutions against individuals and institutions that oppose court decisions on merging organizational units with the University of Sarajevo and the University Board in Sarajevo, and thus harm certain groups of students, which discriminates against them and denies them the right to receive their well-deserved diplomas at the Ceremonial Promotion, as has been the case for generations.


In this way, individuals (individual heads of organizational units, certain judges) inflict direct damage on the general interest, i.e. higher education, which is of special interest to the state.


We hope that this announcement will contribute to the acceleration of the process of solving the highlighted problems, and that the University of Sarajevo, together with all its students, will celebrate their diplomas and the 72nd Anniversary.