Radionica „3D printanje u farmaciji“
Datum događaja

To Whom It May Concern,
We are extremely honored and pleased to attend the first online workshop via ZOOM platforms called “3D printing in pharmacy”, which is jointly organized by FabLab, a laboratory for digital fabrication and the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sarajevo.
In addition to the address of the workshop organizers, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to lectures on this topic by renowned lecturers in the field of mechanical engineering and pharmacy.
On the first day of the workshop, the guest lecturer is Tatjana Popović, in front of the company Hemofarm, and on the second day we will host Professor Svetlana Ibrić, in front of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade.
We guarantee pleasant and useful socializing!
Attached to this e-mail is a workshop info leaflet containing biographies of the guest speakers of the workshop.
We invite you to join us on March 17th and 18th at our online workshop called “3D Printing in Pharmacy”.
You can apply via the following link:

In case of difficulties, contact us via e-mail address: or by phone: 062 601 060.
With respect,
Faculty of Pharmacy x FabLab
* If you want to attend the workshop, please send us a confirmation e-mail to or