First Conference “Women in Data Science Sarajevo@University of Sarajevo”

Women in Data Science Sarajevo @ University of Sarajevo
Datum događaja

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo organizes the first conference “Women in Data Science Sarajevo@University of Sarajevo”, which will be held on 19 June 2020. The conference coincides with the annual Global Conference of the same name (Women in Data Science, ) held at Stanford University, as well as 150+ other locations around the world.
The conference aims to inspire and educate engineers and engineers, scientists and scientists working in the field of Data Science, and allows them to present innovative ideas and connect with a wide range of highly inspirational women. This year, 9 booths are planned to feature a very wide range of interesting presentations (agenda is attached).

This is the first year that the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has organized a WiDS conference, and we hope that this event will become a tradition for years to come.
Access to the conference is free, but registration is required.
More conference information available at