"Aquatic biomonitoring in the EU and B&H - new methods, state, trends and perspectives"

Onlina radionica: „Biomonitoring voda u EU i BiH – nove metode, stanje, trendovi i perspektive“
Datum događaja

The approach to species identification has shifted from traditional morphological to DNA-based methodologies in the last two decades. Genetic methods such as DNA barcoding, metabarcoding, and environmental DNA (eDNA) could greatly improve the process of assessing the status of aquatic ecosystems and their monitoring, especially as part of existing and planned national and international directives. However, a number of questions regarding specific application possibilities remain open, as the data cannot be directly compared with conventionally collected data.

Therefore, the University of Sarajevo-Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (INGEB), the University of Tuzla and the Society for Genetic Conservation of Bosnia and Herzegovina autochthonous and Endemic Resources GENOFOND are organizing an online workshop for stakeholders in the water sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 12, 2021. The workshop is intended for experts from ministries, agencies, institutes, laboratories, entity and local government institutions, the academic and scientific community, associations and private companies. The registration link to participate in this event with all the information is available on the website https://www.vodaquanet.com/.

Registration is open until March 10, 2021. 

This stakeholder meeting, which is being held simultaneously in 15 European countries, aims to initiate talks at the national level with B&H experts involved in the practical implementation of European directives in the field of monitoring aquatic ecosystems. The aim of the workshop is to identify the challenges that experts face, and to explore the possibility of cooperation with B&H scientific and academic community in overcoming them.

Representatives of the EU COST actions DNAqua-Net (CA15219) and G-BiKE (CA18134), and the ECOBIAS project will present the existing relevant infrastructure and expertise in the scientific and academic sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. The intention is to offer information on the current state of development of DNA-based methods in the assessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems, their possibilities and advantages, but also limitations. Pilot projects in B&H and Croatia based on this technology will also be presented.

All workshop participants will be awarded certificates of participation.

For additional information about the event, interested participants can contact the responsible persons: Doz. Dr. Belma Kalamujić Stroil  (belma.kalamujic@ingeb.unsa.ba), Prof. Dr. Jasmina Kamberović (jasmina.kamberovic@untz.ba) i Doz. Dr. Anita Dedić (anita.dedic@fpmoz.sum.ba).