WeAreDevelopers Congress

WeAreDevelopers kongres

Over 8,000 participants in one place

WeAreDevelopers Congress brings together developers and IT professionals from all over Europe in one place. The aim of the congress is to connect developers with one another in order to spread knowledge, and also to connect companies and startups with the best IT professionals. WeAreDevelopers has become a global brand in three years, working with large corporations like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, IBM, SAP, Adidas, Porsche and Informatik. 

This year's congress will be held as in the previous three years in Vienna, and due to its exceptional interest, it is transferred to Austria Center Vienna, a facility with a total capacity of over 25,000 participants. This three-day conference, besides its interesting and dynamic program, uses free program "Child Care" for guests who come with children where a number of professional nannies, in a specialized area, care about their children. Except lectures , the conference also offers a place where developers can get to know and experiment with the latest inventions that will just come out on the market. In order for all guests to feel at home, besides the official part of the congress, the participants will have free meals, large amounts of favorite drink - coffee, and access to various parties.

Woz, John Romero, Angie Jones and many others ...

As previously announced, the WeAreDevelopers Congress, this year brings Steve Wozniak the founder of Apple, a computer pioneer and inventor. As a Silicon Valley icon, for the past three decades, Steve Wozniak helped shape the computing industry into what it is today. Today, he is a Chief Scientist at the data virtualization company, Primary Data. Among other things, Woz is also the founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation. Except "Woz", John Romero joins again the list of lecturers. John is an award-winning game designer, level designer, and programmer whose work portfolio includes 130 games, of which 107 have been published commercially. John Romero is the creator of timeless hits like Wolfenstein 3D and Quake. The lecture will be held by Angie Jones, senior Automation Engineer at Twitter, on the topic of the development of ubiquitous social networks. Angie took part in the development of automation strategies and a framework for countless software products. Also, she often shares her wealth of knowledge at conferences through technology workshops for talented girls programmers - Black Girls Code. 

The best tickets - still in circulation

The WeAreDevelopers Congress currently has 46 certified speakers, which conference guests will have the opportunity to listen during the three-day event. Early Bird tickets at their best price can still be purchased by February 28th on the official website of the Congress: https://www.wearedevelopers.com/congress/?tickets=1
Startups and other companies can make team discounts (the benefit lasts until February 16), with the contact of the WeAreDevelopers team at sarajevo@wearedevelopers.com

Since the University of Sarajevo is a partner of the WeAreDevelopers congress, all University employees and students will have a 15% discount when buying tickets after showing the code UNISARAJEVO15.