JobFAIR Opportunities


The EESTEC LC Sarajevo organizes a job fair for students and graduates from Faculties of technical, technology and economics sciences. “JobFAIR '17 - Take Your Chance” is a project organized for the ninth time and after each year attracts the attention of an increasing number of students and companies. This year's Fair will be held on at the University of Sarajevo Campus on 6 and 7 November.

The JobFAIR provides direct contact between students and employers. A large number of individuals, who managed to find a job thanks to this fair, speak enough about the seriousness of the project. Last year, 20 companies and more than a thousand visitors took part.

During the two days of the Fair, students, as well as companies, enjoy the opportunities for numerous new experiences. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to have a relaxed conversation with the representatives of the leading companies in BiH. Also, they can ask what employees expect from them and what skills are desirable for their waist. The first-hand information will help them to expand knowledge and improve their skills.

You can find more about JobFAIR on the official website:,  where you can upload your CV. You can also track us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles.