University of Sarajevo is among 5.5% of the best universities in the world says Webometrics

Latest preliminary Webometrics ranking

According to the latest preliminary Webometrics ranking covering 28,000 universities worldwide, as of January 2020, the University of Sarajevo earned the best score in this ranking, climbing to 1554th position. This is the best position the University of Sarajevo has ever achieved within this ranking. Please note that in July 2019 the University of Sarajevo was ranked 1669, representing an improvement of 370 places when compared to January 2018, when the University of Sarajevo was ranked 2039. Since 2017, the shift has been made by 804 places.
The biggest jump from the initial rankings was made in the regional ranking. Namely, within the European Webometrics ranking, the University of Sarajevo is ranked 570th, which is an improvement of 157 places from September 2017, when the University of Sarajevo was 727th in the European ranking, or in top 12% of universities ranked in Europe, out of 4481.