Scientific and Expert Conference - INN&TECH and the Second Fair of Innovation and Innovativeness Organized in Sarajevo

U Sarajevu organizirana Naučno-stručna konferencija - INN&TECH i Drugi sajam inovacija i inovativnosti

In Sarajevo, on 23 January 2024, the Seventh scientific and expert conference on the importance of the development of technique, technology, innovation, innovation and information technologies - “INN&TECH” and the Second Fair of Innovation and Innovation, organized by the Center for Development and promotion of innovation, technique and information technologies - CRPIT Sarajevo.


The topics of the conference are:


  • Pedagogical aspects of the application of artificial intelligence
  • Are we educating the youth for what lies ahead?
  • Compatibility of learning outcomes and the labor market
  • Successful young people who stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina... What can we do?
  • The 2nd INN&TECH innovation and innovation fair, where more than 80 projects and more than 200 participants were registered, is held in four categories: innovators, student innovators, elementary school students and high school students.


By organizing the Second Fair of Innovation and Innovation, INN&TECH aims to promote Bosnian innovations and innovators, to support them in their efforts to help improve the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina with their innovations.


Association “CRPIT” Sarajevo, organized these events with the support and patronage of the Federal Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Economy of Sarajevo Canton.