Online presentation of the first year enrollment study programs at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Online prezentacija studijskih programa za upis brucoša u prvu godinu studija na Poljoprivredno-prehrambenom fakultetu
Datum događaja

Dear students, future colleagues, students,
to provide you with basic information about studies and study programs at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, University of Sarajevo this year, despite the global pandemic organizes a presentation of our study programs and study opportunities at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences. The presentation will be held online, via the GOOGLE MEET app, on 22/4/2021; 6/5/2021; 20/5/2021 and 6/6/2021 from 12 to 14 hrs.
On this occasion, we will give you the necessary information about the study and study programs at our and hopefully your faculty, enrollment conditions, employment opportunities, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions related to the study to our teachers, assistants and students in order to we facilitate one of the most difficult choices in life, choosing a profession.
All interested students can apply for participation in one of the terms with an emphasis on which term they are applying for by filling out the application form via the link.