Call for submission of papers for the journal Radovi Filozofskog fakulteta

Filozofski fakultet

We hereby inform all faculty members and doctoral students of the University of Sarajevo - Faculty of Philosophy, as well as colleagues from other universities, scientific and other institutions, that the call for submission of papers for the journal Radovi Filozofskog fakulteta, No XXVII 2024, is open. The submission deadline is 1 July 2024. Papers received after the deadline will not be considered.

The volume will be a tribute (though not thematically restricted) to great individuals who left us and the academic community in the period since our last edition:

Dževad Karahasan, Senahid Halilović, Marko Vešović, Mujo Slatina, Ismet Dizdarević, Enes Duraković

Manuscripts are submitted through a dedicated online platform (submission, reviews, publication - OJS). If authors do not have a digital profile on the OJS platform of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, we kindly ask them to register at the link and submit the manuscript by following the instructions.

In case of technical difficulties, please contact us by e-mail: