Workshop "Transfer of knowledge from Slovenia to BiH"

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Homework HUB, Kolodvorska 12, Sarajevo

We are pleased to inform you that on Friday, 18 October 18, at Homework HUB, Kolodvorska 12, from 16:00-18:00 will be organized a workshop and presentation: Knowledge Transfer from Slovenia to BiH, by the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. This is a great opportunity for student and academic networking, as well as learning about studying in Slovenia.

Dear students and high school students,

we invite you to participate in a free workshop "Transfer of knowledge from Slovenia to BiH", at which the University of Nova Gorica will be presented. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss problems in BiH in order to find solutions to these problems. It is important for all of us to secure our future for ourselves. The University of Nova Gorica can provide knowledge, with which you can solve problems in BiH.

We will run the workshop so that participants will be divided into 5 groups of 12 people each. In each group, you decide who will be the team leader, who will play a role at the very end and present the work of your group.

Take the ideal opportunity to learn as much as possible about your study opportunities at the University of Nova Gorica. CREATE A LIGHTING FUTURE, JOIN US!

By attending the workshop you will train the following skills:
- analysis,
- critical thinking,
- interpersonal relationships,
- conflict resolution,
- teamwork and
- Team management.

We expect you at the workshop:
- Veronika Piccinini, Professor of English Language and a Student Recruitment Advisor at UNG, and
- Arnela Karat, UNG Marketing and Promotion Assistant.

Seating  to  60 people
Homework d.o.o. Sarajevo 
Kolodvorska 12
+387 62 171 472