University of Sarajevo’s 71st Anniversary - years of higher education in the foundations of Bosnian society

Movie and Monograph about the University of Sarajevo

2 December 1949 will remain permanently recorded as the start of a change in the Bosnian paradigm.

On this day namely, 71 years ago, the University of Sarajevo was founded. The founding day of the first university in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most important dates in the history of our country, which was confirmed by the time that followed. The act of founding the University of Sarajevo was a kind of turning point in abandoning long-term stagnation and neglect, and opening the prospect for a faster socio-economic and general cultural transformation of Bosnian society. At the time of the establishment of our university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there was a lack of highly educated staff, and in general, as much as 80 percent of the population was illiterate. Since its founding until today, the University of Sarajevo, with its 22 Faculties, three Academies, five Institutes and one associate member, has given over 175 thousand graduates, over 16,000 masters and 3,712 doctors of sciences from 43 scientific fields to the Bosnian society.

New scientific approaches as well as the results and efforts behind them have paved the way for the spread of modern scientific views and understanding of the problems of life and work as well as the development of all the potentials of Bosnian society.

Responding to temptations of a different nature throughout its existence, the University is today at a new turning point. By changing its organization and adopting new plans and programs that are in line with scientific and educational trends in Europe and the world, the integrated University of Sarajevo strives to preserve its autonomy, because the University of Sarajevo can take historical responsibility in shaping a better and more beautiful future achieve only if it is autonomous and free from all kinds of lobbies and pressures, no matter which side they come from.

We will continue to strive for long-term projected goals of excellence. It is our great and honorable social task not only to maintain but also to expand and enhance this rich and noble academic heritage. Despite all the challenges brought to us by the Bologna Process and general trends in society, at the University of Sarajevo we maintained the quality standard of university degrees and thus prevented the devaluation of knowledge and science which, unfortunately, is noticeable not only in our country but also in the whole region. By maintaining the quality and standards of education, we have maintained our recognizability, which is highly valued by both students and labor markets, for which we are very grateful.

On the occasion of the 71st University of Sarajevo’s anniversary, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to all professors, associates, employees and students, with the desire to resist all challenges in the time ahead and meet the set goals!

Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj
University of Sarajevo Rector


On the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the University of Sarajevo, you have the opportunity to remind yourselves and get acquainted with the origin and activities of the largest and oldest university in Bosnia and Herzegovina - the University of Sarajevo.

Monograph of the University of Sarajevo