Announcement | Prof. Dr. Selma Hurem to Hold a Seminar at the UNSA Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Najavljujemo | Prof. dr. Selma Hurem održat će seminar na Institutu za genetičko inženjerstvo i biotehnologiju UNSA

During the period from 27 March to 2 April 2024, the Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of the University of Sarajevo will host Prof. Dr. Selma Hurem from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Institute of Paraclinical Sciences, Toxicology unit). During her stay, Professor Hurem will hold a seminar “Modelling the solutions for environmental pollution assessment”.

The program will be devoted to lectures and workshops on laboratory animal research, including legislation, 3R (Replace, Reduce, Refine) principles, ethics and humane endpoints, as well as scientific principles. The application of the Danio rerio fish model in toxicological research will also be considered. The last day of the program will be in online format, with lectures by Professor Hurem's colleagues: Erica Maremonti (researcher, PhD, NMBU Faculty of Environmental Sciences) on the topic “The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans: a powerful tool for molecular toxicology”; Ian Mayer (professor, PhD, NMBU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) on the topic “Growing concerns over declining fish biodiversity and mitigation procedures”; and Silje Modahl Johannson (researcher, PhD, NMBU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) on the topic “The potential of the A/J Min/+ mouse model”.

The arrival and stay of professor Hurem was made possible through the program “Transfer of knowledge, skills and experiences from emigration to institutions and public institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina” implemented by the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Emigration Sector). The goal of this program is the engagement of experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina who live and work abroad, and who transfer their knowledge and experience to public institutions and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina that express interest and need for it.