New book in the edition of the Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology UNSA

Nova knjiga u ediciji Instituta za genetičko inženjerstvo i biotehnologiju UNSA

We have the honour of informing you that a new book was published in the INGEB Library under the title: FORENSIC BIOLOGY by Prof. Dr. Jasmina Čakar, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović and associates.

Forensic biology through seven chapters provides a detailed and complete representation of what is in the focus of research included in forensic science - starting with the basic organizational units of each living organism and the basic principles of inheritance, through various biological traces, the principles of their analysis these forensic identification and individualizations, to the application of anthropology, botanics, zoology and microbiology in forensic. Although it is conceived as textbook literature for students of natural, biotechnical and biomedicine faculties, forensic biology can serve experts in this area, a wider scientific public and all whom this scientific area is close.