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                 Broj posjeta

       od 01.03.2008. godine



Summer School 2014

Climate change affects everyone of us. But how exactly does climate change affect our agriculture? What is its impact on human infectious diseases? And, maybe most important of all: How can we face climate change? How can we develop smarter cities and reduce our CO2-emissions? How can we make a better tomorrows life?

Join our summer school in October 2014 – learn and discuss about climate impacts and protection, about sustainable cities and future energy technology, about human health and climate change. Become part of a big audience of rethinkers – become part of this summer school.

The summer school will take place in Sopron, Hungary, as well as in Budapest and Vienna, Austria. We will have some several exciting field trips, just like the Simmering power plant, the German embassy at Budapest or the historical city of Sopron.
When: 26th of October until 31st of October
Where: Sopron (Hungary), Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria)
Language: English
Costs: 80€ for accommodation + trip to Sopron
Examination: Oral examination in a freely chosen topic in discussion-teams. Written examination in a report, created in a team (volume about 10 pages) until 31st of December
Credit Points: 2 to 5, depending on university
Please register yourself here: https://de.surveymonkey.com/s/7WTF3B8


Stipendije za napredni nivo obuke u polju razvoja usluga – Service Design

Politecnico di Milano nudi stipendije za napredni nivo obuke u polju razvoja usluga – Service Design. Od istraživanja ka prototipu, 12 mjeseci teoretskih časova uključujući seminare i radionice do konačnog samostalnog pisanja teze. Svi stipendisti će dobiti mogućnost prakse sarađujući sa međunarodnim agencijama i kompanijama posvećenim dizajnu korisničkog iskustva.

Aplikaciju slati na Ova email adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili Javascript do 2. oktobra 2014.

Jedna od radionica će uključiti saradnju sa Action Aid, međunarodnom nezavisnom organizacijom koja je već duže od 40 godina posvećena borbi protiv uzroka svjetske gladi, siromaštva i isključenosti iz društva.

Neke od najpoznatijih kompanija su već potvrdili svoje učešće u partnerstvu sa stipendistima-praktikantima: Frog, Experientia, Logotel, WeAreHuman, Namahn, Snook, Service Design Network, Comune di Torino, Reggio Children, Prochile, Unit IRIS Ospedale San Raffaele.

Uvjeti za aplikaciju su sljedeći: kandidati moraju posjedovati Bachelor ili Master diplomu iz dizajna, arhitekture, inženjerstva ili mogu biti stručnjaci iz drugih oblasti koji su voljni da usavrše svoju profesionalnu obuku.

Zajedno sa osnovama u razvoju usluga, propedeutički moduli će biti fokusirani na istraživanje, tehnike prototipa i metodologije tokom prvog mjeseca, uključujući korisnički koncentriran pristup i praktični rad u tom polju.

Za više informacija, posjetite: www.servicedesignmaster.com



Call for participants – MBSDr program

Call for participants
Program and course description B&H

Geneva International Students' Program

The Geneva International Students' Program is an English language study abroad semester at the University of Geneva that combines interdisciplinary English modules with intensive French language study.

The UNIGE is currently accepting applications for the 2015 GISP Session (Feb. 16 - May 22, 2015). 

Candidates may apply online by October 15th, 2014.

All program, fees, and application information is on the GISP website: www.unige.ch/gisp

GISP Fast Facts 
•    an interdisciplinary Study Abroad semester at the University of Geneva taught in English;
•    30 ECTS credits;
•    live in one of the main centers of international governance;
•    intensive French language courses over the course of the semester;
•    contact with experts in a variety of fields including international law, human rights, political science, economics, natural sciences, history, cultural studies and translation studies;
•    a field-oriented curriculum with visits to major international organizations like the UN, the WTO and the ILO and cutting-edge laboratories like the CERN;
•    an international experience in a foreign university with small class size (30-35 students), direct interaction with esteemed professors, and administrative support from the Program Coordinator.

Canon Foundation Research Fellowships

Each year, to contribute to international understanding between Europe and Japan, the Canon Foundation in Europe grants up to 15 Research Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers.

Candidates are required to have obtained a PhD or MA higher degree within the previous ten years. Exceptional candidates who obtained their qualification more than ten years prior to application will also be considered. Such candidates are required to provide further supporting information in their application. Non-nationals are required to have permanent citizenship in either Europe or Japan.

We welcome applications from all fields of research. European Fellows pursue a period of research in Japan and Japanese Fellows at host institutions in Europe. Fellowships are awarded for periods of at least three months up to a maximum of one year.

Deadline for applications: 15 September 2014

To apply, download our application form at www.canonfoundation.org where you will also find further supporting information, terms and conditions.

Polish Language Course for foreigners 2014

We would like to invite all international students as well as international guest for a three weeks long Polish Language course organized by the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa (01-19.09.2014). For all participants we prepared a lot of many activities: grammar and vocabulary classes, practical classes, conversations, workshops, study visits and tours and additional events.

The course will be a good occasion to not just to learn Polish language, but also meet Polish customs and traditions, take part in international workshops and Science Festival in Nysa and meet many international friends.

For sure it will be helpful for all Erasmus students who are going to spend one or two semesters in Poland or people who would like to learn Polish language and spend three wonderful weeks in Poland and Nysa.

Main course (price: 985 PLN ~ 240 Euro) includes:
-Classes — 42 hours (grammar, vocabulary, reading, practical classes and conversations)
-Extra activities—guided tour in Nysa, study tour to Kotlina Kłodzka, integration meeting
-Science Festival in Nysa
-Meeting with polish customs, culture, traditions and with culture of  participants countries
-Special coursebook for every participant “Polish, not as bad as it’s painted”
-All other materials, information packed
-Accommodation for students

Extra module (price: 420 PLN ~ 100 Euro) includes:
- Extra classes—18 hours (practical classes, conversations and language workshops)
- Extra study tour to the Czech Republic
- Possibility of individual conversations


ORCiM Seminar 2014
19-20 November 2014
Ghent, Belgium

The seventh International ORCiM Seminar, organised at the Orpheus Institute, offers the opportunity for contributors from around the world to gather and explore the theme of:

The integration of artistic research results into musical training

The Orpheus Institute (Ghent), together with the Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education (NAM, Oslo), wishes to explore the potential of this topic as part of a longer-term effort.

For the present seminar, the debate is framed in a wider perspective through the keynote by Prof. Dr. Dirk Van Damme, head of Innovation and Measuring Progress Division in the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills.

The seminar will take place at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent, Belgium on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 November 2014.

Proposals are welcomed from the global pool of interested experts, ranging from artist-teachers to artistic researchers, and from students to policy makers, in order to bring practices, concepts and innovation to the floor of a two-day conference.

Deadline for Proposals: August 25, 2014

Download the call: http://www.orpheusinstituut.be/uploads/assets/476/1402911644-call-for-orcim-seminar-2014-output-to-impact.pdf

Send us your proposal through: Ova email adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili Javascript

Visit the ORCiM Seminar 2014 event page:

The 3rd year of Electronic International Interdisciplinary Conference (EIIC)
Virtual Conference, September, 1 – 5. 2014


This is the call for papers for the 3rd Electronic International Interdisciplinary Conference which is going to be held at www.eiic.cz.

Call For Papers:
The main objective of EIIC 2014 is to bring together researchers from all over the world with the aim of encouraging the exchange of ideas and experience. It will represent an international forum to give an overview of the most recent trends.

Conference Proceeding and Journal Publication:
All submitted papers will be under single blind peer review process and all accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding with ISSN and ISBN. Authors of the best selected papers from the conference will be asked to prepare extended version of their paper to be considered for publishing in International Journals (more information in the EIIC 2014 web page).

Conference Organized By:
Goce Delchev University, Shtip, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Budiness Academy Smilevski, Institite of Management, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) THOMSON Ltd., Research Company from Slovakia

Related Topics:
Potential topics are solicited in, but not limited to the following topics:
- Business Management, Consulting, Sales
- Marketing, Advertising
- Economy and Business Economics, Banking, Financial
- Public service, Law
- Financing and Accounting
- Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy, Social Science, Families, Work, Activism,
  Lifestyle Choices
- News, Media, Internet
- Education, Science Education, Home Schooling, Math Education, Environmental
  Education, Distance Education
- Medicine, Health, Alternative, Beauty, Fitness, Neurology, Pharmacy
- Veterinary medicine
- Art, Religion, History, Culturology, Philosophy, Architecture, Photography,
  Design, Literature
- Linguistics
- Ecology, Forestry, Earth Science
- Agriculture
- Natural science - mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics
- Geographical
- Electronics, Electrical Systems, Electrical Engineering
- Energy
- Industrial and Civil Engineering
- Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Computing, Open Source,
  World Wide Web
- Information Technology
- Wireless Technology, Databases, Graphics, Security
- Networking
- Transport and Logistics

Important Dates:
Submission of full paper: July 28, 2014
Notification of Acceptance: August 25, 2014
Camera Ready Submission & fee payment deadline: August 26, 2014
EIIC 2014 Conference Date: September 1 - 5, 2014

For further information, please contact us at:
E-mail: Ova email adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili Javascript
Website: www.eiic.cz

Stipendije za apsolvente iz Bosne i Hercegovine

Njemačka ambasada obavještava da njemački parlament u saradnji sa Humboldtovim univerzitetom u Berlinu, Tehničkim univerzitetom u Berlinu i Slobodnim univerzitetom u Berlinu i ove godine u okviru programa Internacionalne parlamentarne stipendije (IPS) nudi stipendije apsolventima iz Bosne i Hercegovine. Politički zainteresirani mladi ljudi, koji su već završili univerzitetski studij ili su neposredno pred završetkom studija, dobivaju mogućnost da se upoznaju sa parlamentarnim sistemom u Saveznoj Republici Njemačkoj. Kandidati moraju odlično vladati njemačkim jezikom.

•    bosanskohercegovačko državljanstvo,
•    završen univerzitetski studij ili neposredno pred završetkom studija,
•    veoma dobro poznavanje njemačkog jezika,
•    poznavanje njemačke politike, društva i historije,
•    do 30 godina starosti na početku stipendije.

•    450 eura mjesečno,
•    besplatan smještaj,
•    troškovi osiguranja i puta.

Završetak konkursa: 30. 6. 2014. godine.

Sve informacije na njemačkom jeziku potražite na web stranici njemačkog parlamenta: http://www.bundestag.de/internat_austausch/ips/info/bosnien.html ili na web stranici Njemačke ambasade u Bosni i Hercegovini: www.sarajewo.diplo.de.

Bauhaus Summer School 2014

Almost 400 students from over 60 countries meet every year at the Bauhaus Summer School in Weimar, the home of Bauhaus and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Participants earn credit points by taking courses in Architecture & Urban Studies, Art & Design, Engineering & Environment and Languages.

This year Bauhaus Summer School celebrates its 23nd anniversary. We look forward to welcoming your students into our Summer School family again and introducing them to the historical and modern atmosphere that makes Bauhaus-Universität Weimar unique.

For further information please visit: http://www.uni-weimar.de/summerschool/

Program stipendiranja „Matsumai International Foundation za 2015. godinu“

Ambasada BiH  u Japanu je obaviještena od strane Matsumai International Foundation da je objavljen program stipendiranja za 2015. godinu u trajanju od 6 mjeseci. Istraživački program stipendiranja je predviđen prvenstveno za oblast prirodnih nauka, medicine i inženjering, a kandidati moraju imati doktorat i biti mlađi od 49 godina.

Rok za dostavu aplikacija je 31. august 2014. godine.

Više informacija o ovome programu i prijavni obrasci dostupni su na web stranici: www.mars.dti.ne.jp/mif

Stipendije za studente dodiplomskih i postdiplomskih studija i stipendije za znanstvenike/znanstvenice

Austrijska ambasada u Sarajevu obavještava da je Savezno Ministarstvo nauke i istraživanja Republike Austrije saopćilo da su za studijsku 2014/2015. godinu stavljene na raspolaganje stipendije za studente dodiplomskih i postdiplomskih studija, kao i stipendije za znanstvenike/znanstvenice.
Konkursi za stipendije se raspisuju u okviru Austrijske baze podataka za stipendije i poticanje istraživačkog rada www.grants.at (na njemačkom i engleskom jeziku). Putem ove web stranice su, pored informacija o stipendijama Saveznog ministarstva nauke i istraživanja, dostupne i informacije o stipendijskim programima drugih institucija.
Prijava za stipendije mora uslijediti putem web stranice www.scholarships.at. Posebno se obraća pažnja na to da se za stipendije za 2014/2015. godinu može konkurirati isključivo elektronskim putem.



Summer Work and Travel USA je program stvoren od strane US Department of State 1960-tih za studente iz cijelog svijeta koji žele da posjete Ameriku tokom ljeta; ne samo da turistički posjete Sjedinjene Američke Države već da zarade nešto novca i upotpune svoje studentske dane jednom nezaboravnom avanturom.

Work and Travel USA nudi priliku da budete više nego samo turista, a mi vjerujemo da je ovaj program jedno od najboljih iskustava koje možete steći. Prošle godine je 130.000 učenika otišlo u Ameriku preko Work and Travel programa. Kada dođete do nas, možete biti sigurni da ćete imati najbolje opcije u pogledu rada i smještaja u jednoj od vaših omiljenih destinacija. Mi smo među liderima u kulturnim i obrazovnim programima razmjene sa Sjedinjenim Državama i imamo dugu listu partnerskih organizacija koji zastupaju poslodavce.

Možete da odete u Ameriku, ako ste:
• REDOVNI STUDENT – Morate prisustvovati akreditovanoj fakultetskoj instituciju, državnoj ili privatnoj, i morate biti ispod 30 godina starosti. Trebalo bi da ste učenik na redovno upisanoj godini (ne obnovljenoj), sa prosječnim znanjem engleskog jezika.
• STUDENTI ZAVRŠNE GODINE – Možete da odete u Ameriku čak i ako ste završna godina osnovnih studija. Također se kvalifikujete za program ako imate namjeru da nastavite svoje studije na master ili doktorskom nivou.
• BRUCOŠ – Možete učestvovati u programu i sa prve godine univerziteta ako ste redovni student akreditovane fakultetske institucije, sa državnog ili privatnog univerziteta.

Američka ambasada  je veoma efikasna i iz godine u godinu olakšava uslove učešća u programu, tako da ne postoji minimalni prosjek ocjena za učešće, ali dobre ocjene nisu na odmet, a što manje nepoloženih ispita imate, bolje su vam šanse.

Dea Hillton (www.deahillton.com), turistička agencija iz Sarajeva, je ekskluzivna agencija za promociju i implementaciju projekta Work and Travel in USA za FBiH.

Više informacija o programu dostupno je na web stranici: http://www.workandtravelusa.ba/



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